7 Figure Compensation


Learn the 5 characteristics of tech industry VP and executive-level candidates who sign $1M+ offers.

Are you ready to level up and unlock 7 figure total comp in your next exec-level role?

This masterclass is tailored for ambitious VPs, Directors, and Org leaders in functions like Marketing, Engineering, Sales, Product Management, Customer Experience, and People Operations.

And I’ll be sharing real-world examples from offers we’ve helped clients land in the past 6 months.

7 Figure Compensation: THE MASTERCLASS

Join us for an exclusive webinar where we dive deep into the strategies and mindset shifts needed to command a 7 figure offer.

What you'll discover:

Strategies for Commanding a 7 Figure Offer

Dive into actionable tactics for tying your role to tangible value, keeping your skillset modern, and leveraging equity for long-term wealth.

Qualities Companies Look for in 7 Figure VPs

Gain insights into what companies are seeking in high-paying VP roles and how to position yourself as the ideal candidate.

The Mindset of a 7 Figure Earner

Learn how to cultivate the confidence and strategic thinking required to command top-tier compensation in the tech world.

and Q&As at the end of the masterclass!

Balancing Compensation with Responsibility

Understand the correlation between increased compensation and increased responsibilities, and how to manage them effectively.

Debunking Myths: You Don’t Have to Go Big Tech

Explore opportunities beyond traditional big tech companies and discover strategies for landing a 7 figure offer in diverse tech organizations.

I’ve recruited for and hired alongside more than 100 teams in tech since 2010.

6 person seed-funded startups? Check.

Fast paced, chaotic scaleups? Check.

High profile public co’s? Check.

Since 2020, I’ve applied all that insider knowledge, those thousands of hours reading resumes and interviewing candidates, and the deep collaboration collecting and unpacking feedback with hiring teams to help you position yourself as the inevitable best candidate for the roles you truly want and know you deserve.

Meet Erika

About your Instructor

Erika Klics is a job search strategist for directors, VPs, and startup leaders in the tech industry who crave more in their careers.

You have big career plans, and you don’t want to settle for the first offer that comes along. 

This is for you if

You’ve made $1M+ before but are feeling like it’s impossible in this market (Spoiler: It is. It’s not as easy as before, but we’ll show you exactly what’s working right now.)

You’ve seen your colleagues bank offers 2-3x what you’re making, and you know your skills are just as good—if not better




Dates coming July 2024

Can’t make it live? We’ll be sending out the replay to everyone who signs up.